Monday, May 4, 2009

I am BACKKKK! :)

Well, I finally made it back to my blog. LOL! After getting "TWILIGHTED", I neglected my blog I started.

I figured it was WAY over due for some love and attention. Alot has changed in the last couple of months for me.

I am a Proud new member of MLDT on eBay. I simply love this group of ladies. They are absolute sweethearts! I had alot going o before I joined the team, and still have a pretty full plate. I resigned as team leader from my former team. I am thrilled though to be back in a very active group. I will be adding thier blogs to mine so you can all check out thier beautiful work.

It is great to be back, I have some great Twi items on ebay I will share with you all also. Check back to see what is new!

**Sweet Paper Dreams**

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