Friday, May 21, 2010

Tear Bear THE GRADUATE Premade Page

Here is one of the pages I listed last night on eBay. I also did a boy one. Super cute!  I am going to learn a new photo editing program since the one on my last computer is gone. Wish me luck. :o)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The computer saga has a happy ending

Well, after having went through six visits to Best Buy store with my Dell laptop and 3 or 4 calls to the  1888 number. I finally have a replacement for my computer.

It was still doing the same things it had done since October. Not only did it do it at my house, but 4 of the computer guys in the store also saw it acting wacky. The strange thing is, whenever it went to the repair center in Atlanta, it never acted up there... yeah... right..

Finally last Monday the Dell came back from the repair center again and when they told me it had nothing repaired on it, I had to refuse to take it back. After talking to a different manager this time who read all the notes, spoke with the agents in the store, she honored my request for a new laptop.

Here is what I learned from this , so please use this as reference...

ALWAYS make sure when you send an item off for repair under warranty, make sure they write EVERYTHING you tell them it is doing. Make sure you keep track of names, dates and anything that could help you in the future. 

If you can , get the person you are giving your item to, to verify what you see is wrong. That was what helped me get my replacement computer.  I am happy with the outcome of this even though it should not have went on this long.  

Also.. when you buy a warranty, make sure you understand it very clearly.  Never ASSume anything!

Tammie :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Besy Buy SAGA continues...

Well, first let me say how disappointed I am with BEST BUY. ..... AGAIN.

My laptop is STILL not repaired for the issues it has had since October of last year. I can't seem to get anywhere with this store. I can't believe I am going through all of this. I have spent TONS and TONS of money in there over the years. I finally called the customer service number on Monday night after picking up my Dell laptop again. They assured me it was fixed. I came home, got Lacie settled in bed and logged onto my scrap groups on eBay. Lo and behold, as I was typing, my cursor was still going all over the place. I was literally speechless... for a few minutes.

I am going to call them back again today when things settle down. We are going to a birthday party this afternoon for one of Lacie's preschool friends.

I should have posted before now, but it really is a challenge to fix all of the errors as I am typing. I should video tape this and post it for THE GEEK SQUAD...
Anywho here is a simple one page layout I did this week. I am working on a new paper bag album and I can't wait to get back on it tonight.

Have a blessed Saturday!