Monday, September 21, 2009

A new room in the making. :)

So it is FINALLY going to happen! Yea!!  I guess looking pitiful finally worked. LOL! 

My DH has started redoing my scrap room for me. I am super duper excited.

This has to be done in stages, of course, which will be hard, but it will be so worth the wait. For starters he is building my storage unit. It will be 8 feet tall x 6 feet wide. It will sit in front of a window, so I won't have the full size for storage.

The room measures 13 x 12 feet. I want cabinets, shelves and a counter also. I know how I want it to look, just hope it can be done. The room has a fireplace and two small closets on either side of it. The other wall has a window, then the other wall has a window and the other wall has the door. So it has some challenges on each wall. 

I am leaning toward a shabby look for it. I like soft pink and green. The cabinets will be white and the counter will probably be a tan or travertine (SP?) color. I have real hardwoods and want a nice area rug also. I am going to make Lacie her own scrap area. This way I could spend some daylight hours in there. Right now I keep her out of there because she is into everything. LOL! 

Once the storage unit is up, I will post a picture. I am so excited this is happening now. It is a real dream come true!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

It has been week since I last posted here. The days just seem to go by so fast these days.

I am very excited to announce that I am a PROUD new member of BTDL Design team. These ladies are so talented and I feel so at home with them already. What a great group of gals!! Be sure to search BTDL to see what these talented ladies are creating.

I just listed two more tag cards this evening. I also have a NEW MOON paper bag album I will be listing in a day or two. Here is the tag cards and the NM album.

Girl "A Good Day" tag card :

Boy "A Good Day" tag card :

and finally the New Moon album:

Lacie will be having her Fall pictures made today. Her first "SCHOOL" pictures. :)  I hope she can sit through it.. we shall see... 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Albums Sneak Peek :)

Just a quick post before I call it a day. Here are three albums I will be listing this week, probably one tomorrow night and two on Thursday. I still have to take pictures...yuk... 

I also started a New Moon album tonight. I sure would like to get it up also, fingers crossed XX. 

Here are the three albums:

First one is a PRINCESS 6x6 acrylic album. Super cute...


Second one is a FAMILY "Fall" theme paper bag album, Love the colors in it. It measures 6x6


 Last one is a Winter theme chipboard  4x6 album. I just love MME papers.


I will post the links to them once I get them listed.

**Sweet Paper Dreams**

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Well, the whole Labor Day weekend has come and gone.  My DH had the day off , but he had to re-screen in our back porch. It didn't look like it would take him that long, but you know how those things go... There is always more to do than what it APPEARS there is. None the less, it looks great! He is so handy, he has saved us THOUSANDS of dollars by doing our home repairs himself. ok.. where was I going with this....

I have two albums that I will be listing this week. One is a FAMILY "FALL" theme paper bag album, using the new MME "FALL IN LOVE" papers. The other one is a 4x6 chipboard flip WINTER theme album. I used MME Christmas Stack for it.

I am headed to my scrap room to start on an acrylic "PRINCESS" album, hopefully it will be done this week also. I have some really "BRIGHT" new bulbs in my light, kinda looks like a hospital operating room. VERY bright. Just what I wanted. :)

Lacie goes back to school tomorrow, and I hope she can have a easy day tomorrow. The teachers she has are so patient and kind to work with her like they do. SO , hoping and praying for a good week for her.

Have a great evening, I will post pictures of the new albums in a day or two before I list them.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

ADORE Girl Tear Bear Premade page

Here is the 12 x 12 page I listed tonight on eBay:


I am so tired, I think a bowl of ice cream is calling my name...LOL!

Have a great evening!

It's Thursday... We survived our first week of preschool. :)

It's Thursday and we survived our first week of PRESCHOOL !! Yea!! Lacie started on Tuesday. It was a bit overwhelming for her and I had to pick her up early on Tuesday. She is a special needs child so we have decided to ease her into the routine by just doing two hours a day to see how well she can handle it.

She did better on Tuesday, and even managed to sit still for "Jesus Time". Today was a very busy day for her class. The girls had show and tell, boys go next week, and they had their cooking class and Chapel this morning. She did pretty good today, had a few rough spots but did pretty good.

I have been a basket of nerves this week and had headaches all week. Tuesday was a full blown migrane. Yuk. I didn't get what I wanted accomplished this week because of the headaches. I am hoping that I can get some more scrapping done this evening and this weekend.

I will be listing a cute Girl Tear bear one Page layout tonight on eBay. It has a vintage appeal to it. I have titled it "ADORE". I will post it later here tonight once things are quiet again. But for now, it is off to Wal-Mart. We need food and the TP is getting low. Gotta have my WHITE CLOUD!! LOL!