Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I can't believe this is the 4th day of August already. Where has the time gone?? I didn't realize I hadn't posted in TWO months!! OMG!! (hiding my face in shame!) LOL! I must get better at this.

I have been really busy making customs New Moon albums, and trying to keep things on eBay and some in Etsy. Not to mention all that is going on with my sweet little one.
Long story... just praying things will get better for her.

She loves playing in our pool, so that is so much fun to see her enjoy it. She has the fairest skin, just like her mommy. I really lube her up with sunscreen when we go. I must have missed a small spot on her face, she now has about two or three tiny freckles under her eye. Looks so stinkin cute!

Well, I am hoping to get this new album listed on eBay Thursday night, a New Moon paper bag album. I have a splitting headache tonight, but I still plan on doing something.

My apologies to the followers I have, for being such a SLACKER!! I think I should set up a time to blog every day and make it routine....

Wish me luck on that~ :)

Hey... 107 days to the release of NEW MOON!!! WOO-HOO!! can't wait. :)

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