Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Acrylic/chipboard album

Well, I was getting ready to post a picture of my latest album, but I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow.

What a day this has been!! WHEW! glad it is over and I am heading to bed. 

I had to take my laptop back to Best Buy AGAIN for the same thing on Thursday. It was a unplanned trip back so I had no time to prepare myself for the two weeks it will be gone AGAIN... I am a little frustrated about the whole thing because this was the THIRD time I took it back for the same thing.  

So now I am having to use SLOW MOE the desk top. It is so slow, it is unreal!!! I shouldn't complain, but I am spoiled to my fast laptop. LOL!

I listed my album last night on eBay and I thought my computer would be ready today (because they said it would be ready) but I got a call around 12:30 today saying they are shipping it off and it will be gone for two weeks. :(   

I will get my picture up here sometime tomorrow so you all can see it. I have already shut down MOE for the night and I am using DH's laptop . All of my pictures are on MOE of my album. 

I hope everyone had a great GOOD Friday and wishing everyone a blessed Easter weekend.

We are heading out for a quick trip to IKEA in the morning for a large stuffed shark for Lacie. Her friend Peyton has one and she has been wanting one so bad... My mom and sister are getting this for her and she is super excited.!!

Have a great night all, I want to post the picture tomorrow (well, later today) but if you really can't wait to see it, just search BTDL on eBay . It is the VINTAGE SHABBY album.

Sweet Paper Dreams!

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