Friday, January 15, 2010

New Designer Purse Album

Thanks for stopping by tonight. I listed this Designer Purse Album (TM) Thursday night on eBay. I really fell in love with this paper when I saw it. I love pink and black together, so it screamed at me when I saw it.

I am finally better from the sinus infection I had for a few weeks. It was one of the worst ones I have had. Now that I am feeling better, I hope to get more listings up next week. I have some really cute paper I want to use for a few Valentines Day layouts and possibly a few albums.

The one album I am wanting to get done is just a vision in my head, it will be a vintage, shabby type album. I am gathering the goodies and trinkets to get it done. 

I am calling it a night, hope you enjoy the new album. 
Tammie :)


  1. Tammie,This is so beautiful and full of so much detail!!!Thats going to sell quick!!!I just know it!!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. Thx Sherry, Thx Cat ! :) Fingers crossed :) xx

  3. Tammy, that album is abolutely stunning! I love the color combinations.

  4. THX Kimmie!! :) you know I love making albums more than anything!

    ((HUGS)) Miss you much doll!! :)