Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Thursday... We survived our first week of preschool. :)

It's Thursday and we survived our first week of PRESCHOOL !! Yea!! Lacie started on Tuesday. It was a bit overwhelming for her and I had to pick her up early on Tuesday. She is a special needs child so we have decided to ease her into the routine by just doing two hours a day to see how well she can handle it.

She did better on Tuesday, and even managed to sit still for "Jesus Time". Today was a very busy day for her class. The girls had show and tell, boys go next week, and they had their cooking class and Chapel this morning. She did pretty good today, had a few rough spots but did pretty good.

I have been a basket of nerves this week and had headaches all week. Tuesday was a full blown migrane. Yuk. I didn't get what I wanted accomplished this week because of the headaches. I am hoping that I can get some more scrapping done this evening and this weekend.

I will be listing a cute Girl Tear bear one Page layout tonight on eBay. It has a vintage appeal to it. I have titled it "ADORE". I will post it later here tonight once things are quiet again. But for now, it is off to Wal-Mart. We need food and the TP is getting low. Gotta have my WHITE CLOUD!! LOL!


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