Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Hi,  here it is.. the "EVE" of Thanksgiving. :) I should be getting a few things ready for tomorrow but I am super exhausted tonight. I had to get more lab work done today and then I had to tackle Wal-mart for groceries. YIKES!!  Thankfully I decided to go way earlier than normal, it was getting really busy at 10:30, so me and Miss Lacie hurried to get our groceries and get back home.

Tomorrow we will go to my Mom's for dinner. We (my mom, me and my sister) always split up the the cooking. let's see... I am fixing a ham, mac & cheese, deviled eggs and a banana pudding. My mom is cooking the turkey, dressing and a few other things. My sister likes to do most of the baking so she is handling the desserts.

Tomorrow I will take the pictures for my new listings tomorrow night. I have a Christmas Designer Purse album, two 2 page layouts and also a chipboard album. I am not sure if I will list them all tomorrow night due to the fact it is Thanksgiving night. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you go out shopping on black Friday, "Be Safe".

warm wishes!
Tammie :)


  1. Hey my sweet friend, Rest relax and enjoy your day.. Big HUGS.........Happy Thanksgiving.. and I do think a lot of people will be on the computer tomorrow evening so list your goodies........

  2. Thanks Janny,

    Hope you had a great day sweetie, I gotta go blog hopping later tonight. LOL!

    Tammie :)