Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Well,  it has been quite a busy day for me today. I am pooped!  I still wanted to pop in and say "HI".

Today was Lacie's first ever field trip! and believe me when I say it was a FIELD TRIP!  LOL! Her school went to visit a farm today. The trip had been planned for Thursday and it was supposed to be at a apple orchid or something like that in South Carolina. So at the last minute, they decided to take a trip to a local small farm. Which was fine with me, it was closer and she had a ball! 

We went on a hayride, she fed the goats, a horse, and a donkey. They had a CORN MAZE and a HAY MAZE, plus a huge hay bale slide. When we were in the corn maze, they let them pick out little pumpkins to take home. 

It was a fun day for us and wouldn't you know it, I mostly have pictures of only her backside! I just can't get her to turn around and get her picture took. lol! Oh wait.. I did get ONE front shot of her. She was sliding down the hay straw slide. 

I just listed these 3 single page layouts on eBay tonight. I have to take pictures of the albums tomorrow so I can list them tomorrow night. I also managed to get an acrylic album created this week also. I sure hope the sun is bright tomorrow so I can get some clear pictures. 

Check them out....




Well, I guess that's all for the night!


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