Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Oh my goodness... I have to apololize for not keeping up on my blog these last few weeks. I have been super busy and just plain wore out at night. Some nights I fell asleep while trying to get my listings up for eBay and Etsy.

Also appts for Lacie, appts for me. My scrap room is taking a turn for the better. But it is such a job turning it around to make things more accessible and I am also trying to get it more organized.

My sweet DH went to IKEA and bought a new desk with drawers and aanother set of drawers on wheels that I am in LOVE with!!  We couldn't empty the room to paint it, so we are just painting in sections.. I know... sounds crazy.. but we had (I had) so much stuff in here. We took down the corner desk yesterday that has the desktop computer on and moved my other  desk in it's place and set the computer back up on that desk. It looks much better.

My laptop had to take a trip back to BEST BUY last week. i miss it SOOO MUCH!! They informed me it will be TWO WEEKS before it will be back.  I hope it will come back sooner. This desk top is slow and I am spoiled to my fast DELL laptop.  ...fingers crossed !!

I guess that's about it for now. I will post my new listings later this week and stay on track. I should have tried to get here sooner.

Hope everyone has a great week!

**Sweet Paper Dreams**

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